US Royalty make me swoon at Darlington House -- 19 Nov 2009

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Despite having gone to the doctor early in the morning on the 19th and finding out that I was knee-deep in the throws of walking pneumonia, I couldn't pass up a chance to shoot US Royalty -- DC's hometown heroes.  The idea of hosting a show in a location like Darlington House had my interests peaked, plus the chance to snap beside my photog mentor (and boss for Dakota Fine only sealed the deal.  So I went, pumped up on antibiotics and caffeine (5 cans of diet cokes pre-show, countless others when I could pull myself away from the set). USR are brilliant live and definitely worth battling the rain and my plague to see  for the second time. Their music is highly infectious, delicious indie rock and just incredibly fun to shoot -- I mean, who knew so much energy and talent could fit into jeans that tight...  The crowd absolutely love love loved it.

All in all, the ambient candle light, a spinning disco ball, some helpful tips from Dakota and the vibrant street lights that filtered through the gorgeous windows... combined to make Darlington House by far the prettiest concert location I've shot a show at to date.  Also check out Matthew Hemerlein, who joined in on an incredible cover of the Talking Heads "This Is The Place" with his violin. For sure a highlight of the evening. And I'll admit it, I've got a new musical crush.  Can you blame me?



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