The XX, sad but beautiful at DC9 -- 15 Nov 2009

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It's not often I find myself wishing to relive an entire show.  Sure, a moment, a song, an instant where everything feels electric and I suddenly feel alive... but never an entire show.  I've been taking concert photos (publicly, anyway) for several months and Sunday night's show was quite literally like no other I've experienced.

When I connect with music, it tends to be intense beats, crunching guitars, and just an all-out spectacle of sight and sound.  It's only within solitude do I really sink my teeth into bands like Interpol, with their quiet confidence and broad sweeping sounds.  The XX, they stunned me.  Their music is so simple, harmonic and elegant that I was afraid this show would be too dainty for me to enjoy.  I frequently found myself putting down my camera and just watching in awe.  There was chemistry and comradrie, swelling emotions and heartache, earnestness and experience... It was quite simply put as one of the most beautiful shows I've attended.

Unfortunately the DC9 staff was quite on the ball about making sure the "No pro photo/No flash photography" rule was enforced (strange for that venue, as you'll see from my Amazing Baby shots a couple of months ago).  Regardless, I'm happy with the set.  So happy I felt inclined to write paragraphs about it.  This is one show I'd like to relive over and over again.




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