Hello, Babies -- 01Dec09

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I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to combine my passions (photography, music) into a rather exciting second career.  The bonus comes when I can help out friends as a part of this.  Needless to say when my friend Alec's band -- Hello, Babies -- was doing a set at Asylum, naturally I couldn't resist bringing my camera.  The beauty of shooting "off-duty" is the ability to enjoy the atmosphere fully and discern when and where I can grab the right shots.  And let's be real, I can also engage in a higher level of alcohol consumption...  So enjoy the following shots, all taken by Jameson-loaded hands.  It's too bad Alec doesn't perform on the regular anymore, the show was definitely worth attending (not to mention the first shot is so good it is totally be album cover-worthy... all thanks to my favorite jacket.) 


All photos are copyrighted by Shauna Alexander and cannot be used without expressed permission.


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