The Family Hemerlein at Asylum -- 30Dec09

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2009 whizzed by to a phenomenal end, where I got to expend some creative energy at The Family Hemerlein show at Asylum.  As I've said before, Matthew Hemerlein is an incredible musician, who truly knows how to perform and puts his own beautiful perspective on popular music (his Radiohead covers give me chills).  Not only does he know how to play countless instruments, he's also quite the curator!  The Family Hemerlein was an amazing melding of music and comedy, which certainly isn't seen much in stuff old DC.  The night held two sets, which had their up's and down's and featured comedy segements from Seaton Smith (who gets my rousing endorsement as my favorite comedian ever) and Hampton Yount (another brilliant DC comic), plus music from Bird Lips and of course Mr. Hemerlein himself.  Check out the photos... and do yourself a favor, get on this gravy train the next time it takes off.  You won't regret it!

Hampton Yount:


Bird Lips:


Seaton Smith:

Matthew Hemerlein:


Post-Show Antics:

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